Kelly Thompkins

The Organization:

The Children's Home Society of Florida works to protect and heal children; build and strengthen families; rescue and embrace teens struggling to survive on their own; and prepare youth for bright futures.

How Kelly Does It:

Kelly's work at the Children's Home Society is impressive. Her Superstar status is exemplified by her drive to go all out for the children on her caseload. In one instance involving an infant in need of a liver transplant, the infant was required to go to a hospital in Miami for testing. With no caregiver able to take the infant to the hospital - Kelly stepped up to volunteer. Kelly spent 3 days and nights with the baby in the hospital. The infant eventually received the transplant and is now living in a foster home.

By routinely accessing and analyzing data, Kelly is able to improve the outcomes for the children and families that she serves. This approach to her work - along with an exceptional commitment to those in her care - resulted in 100% of her caseload remaining free from abuse and neglect. This is 10 percentage points higher than Kelly's peers. Clearly, Kelly is a Superstar!

The Data: