The Superstar Foundation is a registered, 501c3 tax exempt organization. All donations to the Superstar Foundation are tax deductible.

There are a variety of ways to support our mission of expanding the use of transformational relationships at the core of social services. Quite simply, the best way to ensure that 100% of your gift goes toward the mission of foundation is to write a check to:

The Superstar Foundation
3500 Boston Street, STE 502
Baltimore, MD 21224

Of course, there are a variety of alternative ways to give to the Superstar Foundation. Use the following links if you are familiar with the terms and conditions. (we are currently building affiliations with a number of charitable transaction services...)


Finally, please note that all of the money you donate will go towards either supporting the promotion and process of Veronica Awards or towards the actual cash rewards for superior direct service workers. There are no paid staff at the Superstar Foundation!

Our intention is to be very transparent with the money raised and how it is spent each year. To that end, we expect to publish our financials each year for full public review. (Wouldn’t it be nice if every foundation or non-profit followed suit?)