Just as the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown has non-player members who are honored for their "contributions to the game," the Superstar Foundation recognizes the following individuals for their overall contributions to the field of non-profit performance management and relationship-building at the core of good social work. Here you will also find links to their current and best thoughts on the work and tools that might be implemented in other organizations. All of our Honorees want to acknowledge their work is very much "in progress" and will continue to evolve as they learn.

Dominique Bernardo

Congreso de Latino Unidos, Philadelpha, PA

PCM Model Overview

Tools for Supervision of Direct Service Staff

Anisha Chablani

ROCA, Boston, MA

Intervention Work with High-Risk Young People: Foundational Elements, Guiding Principles, Ideas, and Questions for Discussion

Roca's High Risk Youth Intervention Model

Roca's Use of Prochaska's Stages of Change Model to Direct Service Worker Engagement

Isaac Castillo

Latin American Youth Center, Washington, DC
Do-It-Yourself Data
Responding to Needs, Measuring Results
LAYC's New Promotor Pathway
Learning and Evaluation Activities at the Latin American Youth Center

Andrew Niklaus

Fresh Lifeline for Youth (FLY), Redwood City, CA
My First Place - Highlights from Formative Evaluation Findings, June 2010 — March 2012
Staying Power

Dr. David E. K. Hunter

Hunter Consulting, LLC, Hamden, CT
Working Hard & Working WELL
on Transformational Relationships