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Jeff Mason

A transformation relationship is about developing a sense of trust that enables another to achieve their goals.

It's important because it is essential to ones ability to help another achieve anything. So, for those in the business of "helping" you can't succeed without this.

Prior to founding Decisionaire, Jeff served as Vice President of Marketing for Social Solutions - establishing the company as the recognized leader and authority on nonprofit performance management. Before Social Solutions, Jeff co-founded Artifact Software and was a member of Sequoia Software's original executive team. Jeff was instrumental in building Sequoia's brand and developing the company into a market leading, publicly traded organization. In 2001, Sequoia was acquired by Citrix Systems. Jeff's past experience working with nonprofits sparked a passion for improving the impact of the nonprofit sector. As a result, Jeff founded the Alliance for Effective Social Investing. He also serves on the boards of the Superstar Foundation and PerformWell.